When considering what to put on the external walls of a shed, outbuilding, gable end or extension, Pennymoor Timber can offer you several choices

Siberian Larch Shadow Gap

Unsorted quality. With it’s attractive, light appearance, distinct grain pattern and natural resistance to decay it’s a very suitable and cost effective material for external cladding. It is FSC certified, so good for the environment, and can be used vertically or horizontally. If left it will eventually tone down to a silvery grey colour.


Featheredge is the low cost cladding choice. Diagonally cut from 25mm and 38mm boards Featheredge is available in widths of 100mm to 200mm and in lengths of 0.5m to 5.4m


Shiplap is a machined Kiln Dried Board giving a high quality finish

Waney Edge Board

Waney Edge Board is a Cladding cut direct from log with one edge unsawn and comes in a thickness of 18mm or 25mm. Lengths are supplied up to 16ft.


Stockboard is a heavy duty Tongued and Grooved Board which can be used for cladding buildings to an attractive high security finish.